Jen Cajucom TEDx talk

Jen Cajucom at TEDxMapuaJen is passionate about sharing her views of the world. From her insights on finding opportunities even in the most impossible situations, to adapting to a growth mindset, to finding one’s purpose and to finding ultimate happiness, are just some of the aspects that makes Jen who she is today. And in more ways than one, Jen lives (and breathes) her beliefs that she embeds every single grain of her insight into her work. 

Whether she’s doing a coaching session with a client, conducting trainings or workshops, doing client projects or doing client projects , Jen does meaningful work by living her purpose and what she believes in.

“Our world is constantly changing, and in the midst of these changes, it is important for us to always remember who we are, what we believe in and what our purpose is, because it’s what’s fuels us and makes us continue to do meaningful work.”

Jen has been invited to speak at a few TEDx events. She was one of the speakers at Mapua University’s first TEDx event, as well as the recently held TEDx event at Philippine Science High School. Jen was also one of the speakers at the biggest Working Remote Conference held at the SMX Convention Aura in 2019.

Jen is a forward thinker and is someone who lives beyond her time. Her insights on giving as a means to thrive (TEDx Mapua), and even in how human responses can predict one’s future (TEDxYouthPSHSMain) are  just some of the unique perspectives she has introduced on stage.

Jen has been invited to talk numerous times at schools and universities in the Philippines. If there’s one advocacy she will perhaps continue to fulfill even after she has retired, it would be empowering the youth and continuing to introduce perspectives that “being truly human is the best way to conquer technology.”

Jen after a talk at school in Olongapo City during their IT Week

Cliche as it may sound, but the I believe in the power of the youth and in what they can do to change the world for the better.”

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