Jennette or Jen Cajucom is an early adopter when it comes to marketing. After having worked with a renowned retail company in the Philippines as well as an architectural firm back in the late 90s, she has since transformed into a multi-passionate digital marketing and branding professional and has helped many companies and professionals though her coaching sessions, workshops and corporate trainings. 

As they say, one can only connect the dots by looking backwards. Jennette’s experience in marketing was expanded not by merely working in the marketing department all the time. Jennette’s decades of exposure in the customer service, telecommunications and IT industry have paved the way for her to understand marketing on a deeper level. 

“Overall, marketing is about establishing trust and building relationships with your customers. You can only make this happen if you’re able to solve what matters to them. Any marketing professional would be able to gain tons of insights if they commit to being part of their journey.”

After being trained and certified in Project Management, Jennette has took on a lot of projects that involved creating systems that ensure pleasant client experience. 

“Systems play a great deal in ensuring a pleasant customer experience, which in turn, results into good marketing. We’ve often misconstrued marketing for selling or advertising, and have become so obsessed with the product or service we’re offering that we forget about what our client is really going through, especially when it comes to how and why they avail our products and services.”

Today, Jennette has taken on a deeper involvement not only in digital marketing but also branding.  She believes that startups and companies must include human element in all narratives as they work their way towards success.Jen Cajucom About page

“Authenticity and human connection are two of the most important elements that help cut through the noise in this ever-evolving digital world. What’s your story? What’s your purpose and who do you ultimately want to help? Such questions bring out what’s true and what’s human in any business or company.”

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