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Kai is seasoned in the corporate world, with more than two decades worth of experience in multinational and local companies from different industries.

 Among her educational pursuits, she is a communications graduate of the University of Asia and the Pacific, where she took classes at the University of Navarra in Spain.

She took her Management Development Program in Tokyo and her certificate courses in Life Coaching and Art Therapy in Singapore. She was at her latest job for 21 years where she successfully rose through the ranks from entry-level Research Analyst to Regional Director responsible for the Asia-Pacific region. She was exposed to hiring, training, management of operations to working across cultures, networking, and everything in between.

She was an OFW based in Singapore for 11 years before she came back to the Philippines to help coach employees on how to navigate their respective careers successfully.

She is now a freelance certified career coach who uses tools to immediately create an impact in the lives of her clients. To get in touch with her and know more about her.

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