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In the competitive world of beauty and skin care, one may actually think twice before jumping into the bandwagon where the “no makeup look” is becoming a trend among women in the recent years. From facial skin care, to face slimming and contouring (without having to fake it with a mobile app), to eyelash perming, to eyebrow enhancing, to lip tinting, the list of services just goes on as more and more women want to spend less time on doing their routine makeup and just achieve a more natural look.

As an entrepreneur, whether you’re building a beauty name or skincare brand or a revolutionary piece of skincare or cosmetic technology, more often than not, the business model and the product (or service) always come first. But getting those right is not easy. And while we focus on these elements – regardless if we’re in the beauty industry or not – we have the tendency to forget what really matters: the journey and pain points of our clients.

One particular lady CEO of a skin and beauty center in the northern part of the Philippines has proven that she has what it takes to exemplify that a thriving business CAN have a heart. Listen to Jasmine “Mine” Punsalang Cabral, a beauty entrepreneur who started her beauty center at the age of 20 and is now celebrating 10 years in the business, with several franchisees believing in her brand and advocacy.

Indeed, the best lessons in life and in business and made up of just simple words. Listen to this episode.

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