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Authentic Conversations with Chef Mark Bernardino

Chef Mark Bernardino is not just any chef, but a chef who at a young age has built his own school MDB Tech here up north in the commercial area of SBMA, Olongapo, Philippines. He has worked under the tutelage of renowned chefs in the

country during his formative years as a culinary professional, and has even appeared in quite a number of TV guestings on NET25, GMA7 to name a few. He’s also the sought after culinary consultant SBMA, as he has helped a number of restaurants get their menus sorted out to cater to their target market. Chef Mark has been advocating to people to becoming “lifeproof” by building a career in the food industry. That I guess was realized when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world since the first quarter of 2020. I personally know him for being no-nonsense and creative.

Little did I know though about his more human side…until this conversation.

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