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Authentic Conversations with Louie Banta, CEO of LJMB Consulting

Louie John Banta is the CEO of Learning Just Made Better (LJMB) Consulting, which he established in 1996, registered the training outfit in 2005 as a sole proprietorship, then became a corporation in 2017. By 2018, LJMB was able to deliver 397 training days to 51 local and global clients – majority are leaders in their respective industries. During the lockdown brought about by COVID-19, LJMB delivered 100+ webinars reaching 10,000+ people from 100+ organizations in the last 10 weeks! Louie was also nominated to be part of Marketing in Asia’s Rising 70 to acknowledge upcoming amazing Filipino professionals who give value through their content on the LinkedIn platform. Find out more about Louie not just as a founder but also as a person, a human being.

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