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Authentic Conversations with Eunice Punzalan, Community Growth Hacker and Remote Work Advocate

Eunice is currently the community manager of an online Facebook group called Filipino Freelancer with Australian clients. And because of the value of the content and strategy she regularly creates for the group,she was able to grow the group organically to more than 20K members in less than 2 years. As she is a remote work advocate, Eunice was also one of the main organizers of the biggest Working Remote Conference in the Philippines which was held in 2019. She has also been featured on Marketing in Asia because of her insights when it comes to community growth hacking. Eunice is into social media management and also has an amazing talent for video editing. A multipotentialite, I would say.

Find out more about all these as we exchange marketing insights in this conversation.

Above all, there’s more to this lovely curly girl Filipina who loves tea and working out. As a millennial, she shares the lens that she sees through life, how she lives it and how she also sees it through other people. An old soul, an amazing human being. Get to know more about Eunice through her stories growing up, and how she has been managing to live an amazing life every single day.

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